Character Design and Concept Art Brief

Sunkissed is a hypothetical queer dating simulation video game I fully conceptualised. The project features six datable monsters and is Set in the Northeastern monster seaside town of Fangleton-On-Sea. the game features a diverse cast of characters with many unique locations to explore and Features stories of queer love, loss, and acceptance.

As part of the brief, I designed six main characters and delivered various end route illustrations, interaction illustrations, sprite pages, turnarounds, prop design sheets, and environment designs.

Sunkissed was made as part of my Final Major Project at the Northern School of Art, with pieces exhibited at the school's final show June 6th-June 11th 2022

Made in Procreate - created from September 2021 to May 2022

Sunkissed - Meet the Cast! Zine Cover
Prop Sheet 2 - Fishy Chippy and General Story
Hollyhocks Turnaround
Bridgette Turnaround
Evelyn Turnaround
Jubie and Bridgette at the Rockpools
Friends at the Beach Illustration
Barry End Route Illustration
Barry Sprite Concepts
Jubie Sprite Concepts
Herb Sprite Concepts
Evelyn and Barry Donkey Ride
Hollyhocks End Route Illustration
Fishy Chippy Environment Concept
Nobbie's Arcade Environment Concept
Evelyn Fullbody Illustration
Jubie End Route Illustration
The Shop Environment Concept