Mural Final.png

Northern School of Art Student Mural - Collaboration with Fink Fox

Mural and Character Design - Live Brief

A collaboration with the children's illustrator Fink Fox Robson

As part of a live brief, The NSOA Student Union commissioned a mural design that depicted student life and community, and represented the diversity of the institution. In response, we designed over 150 characters between us, and delivered a to scale mural design using colours inspired by the school's branding.  

The design has since been used as part of the school's Pr material.

Concepts created on Procreate and traditionally, design sketched and finalised on Photoshop - Made between March and June 2021.

Mural Thumbnail Concepts
Mural Character Sketch Bar Male
Mural Colour Concepts
Mural Character Sketch Gamer
Mural Full Sketch