NSOA Fundraising Calendar 

Calendar Illustration

Calendar illustration for the NSOA Level 6 Illustration fundraising Calendar. I illustrated the piece for June, celebrating pride.

The calendar was sold both online and at the NSOA ILLUSTRATION final show shop from June 6th to June 11th. The piece was also sold as a print at the event. 

Made in procreate - Created January 2022

June Calendar Illustration
Shrek Poster Thumbnails
Shrek Poster Colour Concepts
Shrek Night Poster
Smash Poster Concepts and Thumbnails
Initial Calendar Character Concepts and Thumbnails
Smash Poster (No Text)
Calendar Colour Tests
Calendar Sketch

NSOA Fundraising Posters

Promotion and Poster Design

Poster designs for school fundraisers. One was for a smash bros gaming tournament, the other for a shrek themed bar night

The posters were put up around the university grounds and used in promotional posts on social media 

Made in procreate - created between March and April 2022